Naughty or Nice 4 Hunt ~ Hints & Pictures

Naughty or Nice 4 Hunt

Hunt Dates: December 1-31, 2018

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Ratings: Moderate/Adult
Stops: 38

Hunt Object(s): Scroll
Pink Scroll ~ Female Only Item
Blue Scroll ~ Male Only Item
White Scroll ~ Unisex

Item Price: 1 Linden

Hunt Theme - All about Christmas, lumps of coal, good, bad, naughty, nice.  Get creative and have fun with it, anything goes! 

Contact Person: Chrissy Sparrowtree

1. Sweet Intoxication
Hint:   Oh sexy boyshorts
Pink Scroll/Female

Blue Scroll/Male

SLURL: Sweet Intoxication

2. Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
Hint: Mirror, mirror off the wall who's the most naughtiest one of all?

SLURL: Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes

3. StoraxTree
Hint:Look near hunt poster

SLURL: StoraxTree

4. Kaori's Closet
Hint: (Missing Information, please check back)

SLURL: Kaori's Closet

5. Kitty Creation's
Hint: Have a seat & grab something to eat on the way to the Christmas room

SLURL: Kitty Creation's

6. MeowHi
Hint: I'd open doors for anyone who opens doors for me.


7. RedMoon Designs
Hint: Where Magic is a natural thing
and happens every day.
The prize you see a t the stone ones feet.
Is where your prize doth Lay.

SLURL: RedMoon Designs

Hint:These 3 girls holds your hint


9. Artic Storm
Hint: Naughty or Nice, if you insist

SLURL: Artic Storm

10. Esoteric Threads
Hint: Men's - Grab your present below!
Women's - Put on your jeans

SLURL: Esoteric Threads

11. ᴄʜᴇᴇᴋʏ
Hint: stars sparkles

SLURL: Cheeky

12. Crystal Store
Hint: (Missing Information, please check back)

SLURL: Crystal Store

13. Changed Seasons
Hint: Naughty or nice we all can "DREAM"

SLURL: Changed Seasons

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ☆ Hunt ☆ Sponsors ☆ Above ☆ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hint: (Missing Information, please check back)


15. Hogs And Cart Wheels
Hint:  Robots? Naughty or Nice?

SLURL: Hogs and Cart Wheels

Hint: " This is pure Poetry "

SLURL: Prism

17. Grumble
Hint: Oh, that's ugly!

SLURL: Grumble

18. Drama
Hint: I'm over the moon!

SLURL: Drama

19. The Sissy Bar 
Hint: Trying to blend into the fuel pump and stay out of trouble for Santa

SLURL: The Sissy Bar

20. Nefeli's Gestures
Hint: Welcome

SLURL: Nefeli's Gestures

21. Epicine
Hint: (Missing Information, please check back)
SLURL: Epicine

22. Razzles
Hint:  "Check out the Sexy Lingerie"

SLURL: Razzles

23. Sassy Brats
Hint: Was I naughty or was I nice?

SLURL: Sassy Brats

24. Christmas Delights
Hint: The Grinch hides me!

SLURL:  Christmas Delights

25. Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
Hint: Take your time... search the Grandfather Clock vendor

SLURL: Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop

26. Twistys Twistalicious Creations
Hint: Hitching a Ride on the Balloonicorn!

SLURL: Twistys Twistalicious Creations

27. ~MystRie~
Hint: The phantom knows. 

SLURL:  ~MystRie~

28. Stitches Creations
Hint: (Missing Information, please check back)

SLURL: Stitches Creations

29. Dragonsworn
Hint: This year I want something especially nice... to wear.

SLURL: Dragonsworn

30. Applique` Chic
Hint: yummm cupcakes 

SLURL: Applique` Chic

31. MYTH
Hint: Hurry! If the Windmill starts i`ll be gone!


32. Christmas Fair 
Hint: time to look into the sock

SLURL: Christmas Fair

33. Miami Mix Boutique
Hint: Rose but it was not her dress

SLURL: Miami Mix Boutique

34. USC Textures
Hint: Scroll around Santa to get Lucky

SLURL: USC Textures

35. Miss Jewel
Hint: Upstairs!

SLURL: Miss Jewel

36. Robbie Roo's Whatchamagoos

Hint: In every life we have some trouble,
But when you worry you make it double:
Don't worry, be happy!

SLURL: Robbie Roo's Whatchamagoos

37. Rin
Hint: drink wise, age well


38. Sweet Intoxication ~ Home Collection
**Please note my home collection item is located in my main store**

Hint: Oooo pretty pasel birthday.. Time for Christmas

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