Harvest Hunt 2 ~ Hints & Pictures

Harvest Hunt 2

SL Hunts:  Harvest Hunt 2
Hunt Dates: September 1-23, 2017

Type: Grid Wide Hunt
Region Ratings: General/Moderate/Adult
Stops: 31
Sponsors: 10
Hunt Object: Pumpkin

Theme - Autumn, Autumn Colors, Pumpkins, Leaves, Harvest.  Get creative and have fun with it!

1. Sweet Intoxication

Hint: I am a seasonal style but in some areas I can be worn year around.
SLURL: Sweet Intoxication

2. Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes

Hint:MASON will work on your harvest!
SLURL: Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes

3. Storaxtree

Hint: Look near hunt poster
SLURL: Storaxtree

4. Kitty Creations
SLURL: Kitty Creations

5. Timeless Textures

Hint: I'm trying to make our new home look fantastic for my sweetheart, do you think she'll COTTON on to my INTERIOR motive?

6. The :Madness: Within


7. A Touch of Magic

Hint: Rocking in the USA
SLURL: A Touch of Magic

8. Soul Designs

Hint: Between the daisies is where I lie.
SLURL: Soul Designs

9. Sasheba's Closet

Hint: Leaves of green, leaves of gold, I watch nearby, colors unfold.
SLURL: Sasheba's Closet

10. Artic Storm

Hint: Among the pumpkin patch you'll find a pumpkin gift, very kind
SLURL: Artic Storm

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11. Lunar Seasonal Designs

Hint: In the Autumn Room of course
SLURL: Lunar Seasonal Designs

12. The Happy Hat

Hint: Is the pumpkin a veggie and a fruit? The HUNT HINT will help you to find this loot.
SLURL: The Happy Hat

13. **Dokkaebi**

Hint: I'm feeling juicy!
SLURL: **Dokkaebi**

14. JLZ Fashion

SLURL: JLZ Fashion

15. Stitches Creations

Hint: Hiding near a skull.
SLURL: Stitches Creations

16. X-Clusives Animations

Hint:Go to HOME FURNISHINGS and find the newly harvested WATERMELON to reap your prize.

17. Applique' Chic

Hint:I am never one to pass up a sale
SLURL: Applique' Chic

18. Caramba

Hint: In the greenhouse I can be found
SLURL: Caramba

19. Rosengarten

Hint: Enjoy the scenery and sit down on this bench around the autumn tree
SLURL: Rosengarten

20. Loordes of London

Hint:by the bargains
SLURL: Loordes of London

21. Wiccan Wears

Hint: Deals of the Month
SLURL: Wiccan Wears

22. Hogs and Cart Wheels

SLURL: Hogs and Cart Wheels

23. Prism

Hint: " It`s Just Beautiful POETRY "
SLURL: Prism

24. Miss Jewell

Hint: I do love lingerie!
SLURL: Miss Jewell

25. Waffles

Hint:That isn't a nut!
SLURL: Waffles

26. Sour Pickles

Hint: Check the hint giver
SLURL: Sour Pickles

27.  Grumble

Hint: CELEBRATE! Fall is here!
SLURL: Grumble

28. Sycamore Decor

Hint: They toil to take in the harvest, late into the waning light.
SLURL: Sycamore Decor

29. #bye

Hint: As pretty as can be with some pumpkins you'll find me.
SLURL: #bye

30. Celestial Designs
 Hint: Roses are Red....
SLURL: Celestial Designs

31.   Harambee-Gwassi Kenya Charity Shop

Hint: I would like to play the harp and make a donation!
SLURL: Harambee-Gwassi Kenya Charity Shop

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